How to fill out your profile

The application process has been made as simple as possible. It only takes a few minutes to complete. The customer does not have to assemble documents, involve guarantors, or present a surety. You do not have to come into the office to fill out an application. You can complete an application remotely via the Internet.

Create an account

The first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the service rules and submit an application. To do this, you must fill out your profile with your full name as well as information about your phone number and email address. You must choose your region and city of residence.

Enter your Passport Number

Second. You will need to enter your own Passport Number. You must be very careful when filling out this information, since the submitted information must be accurate.

Obtain a result

Third. Your data will be processed in real time so that we can present you with the most relevant loan offers.

Options for obtaining funds
By bank transfer
Transfer to your wallet
Transfer to your card
In cash
Transfer to your account
Tip 1

You must only enter truthful information in your profile. If you enter false information, then it is much more likely that your loan application will be rejected. Applicants are not only able to borrow money by providing reliable information about themselves, but they are also able to build a credit history about themselves this way.

Tip 2

Take advantage of our technical support service. Our support specialists will always be happy to answer your questions, help you register, help you get a loan, tell you about the advantages of microcredit as well as all of the surveys that you might be interested in taking. Please keep in mind that it will be even faster and more convenient to re-apply to the MAZILLA for a loan.

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