Why our services are safe

The Mazilla online service, specializing in the choice of financial products, guarantees the confidentiality of the private data of its customers. The company provides borrowers with the secure channel for the communication with lenders, while protecting the personal data of the users from both the employees of the service and hackers.


Your relatives and friends will not be aware of your loan application to the financial institution for the following reasons:

  1. When completing the personal online profile, the service does not require any documentary confirmation of the data entered (no income statements from the accounting department are needed, and there is no need to contact the HR department for a copy of the employment record book).
  2. The employees of the company will not contact any colleagues at work and family members trying to verify the accuracy of the data entered.
  3. There is no need to visit the bank or the lender's office, since all applications are processed remotely.
  4. There is no need to contact the employees of the service by telephone. All negotiations are held using SMS messages or on the website in My Account.

You are given the opportunity to independently solve any financial problems, while not hiding anything from your environment. All you have to do is complete the online loan application at your convenience.

Legal compliance

Different banking institutions licensed to provide various financial services in the Philippines cooperate with Mazilla as lenders.

Their activities are legal. The service complies with all legal standards and requirements, while not violating any laws when processing, storing and transferring the personal data of its customers.

The IT activities of the resource are performed in accordance with the security requirements of banking institutions.


All borrowers can complete the online loan application using their computers or smartphones. There is no need to personally deal with loan officers. It is not required to provide any copies of the documents with the personal data of applicants, so there is no chance that such copies can be used by someone to commit any fraudulent activities.

All customers should provide only reliable information.

How Is the Confidentiality of the Personal Data of the Customers Ensured in the Processing of Applications?

The employees of the service cannot view the entered personal data of borrowers. They are automatically encrypted and only then processed by loan officers. According to the information obtained from the customer, the relevant financial products may be chosen.

The scoring assessment (assessment of the customer's ability to repay debts (in points from 0 to 400 performed considering credit histories and the credit rating of each customer) is performed.

The personal data about family, children, place of residence and salary are not available to the employees of the service and other unauthorized persons. It is guaranteed that no one will be able to use such data. Only a limited number of employees have access to the databases.

There is no risk of information leakage

Each team member has own permission level, and all sessions used to view the information about the service are recorded. Each login is registered. If the company’s employee tries to use the proprietary information in an improper way, he/she will be immediately identified.

Third parties do not have access to the system. All information data are encrypted using the SSL protocol and transferred in compliance with all banking precautions. Therefore, there is no risk of information leakage.

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